Monday, June 27, 2011

Lamp Makeover...

   After being married for just a little over three years, I am shocked at just how much our personal style has changed. Blame it on the new (old) house or the fact that as I registered for our wedding I was on the fast track to graduating college early, working and interning and CLEARLY got scanner happy at the department stores. Either way, our styles have changed and instead of the: "out-with-the-old" mindset, I am making every effort to repurpose/remodel what I already have.
   This weekend, we spent some time perusing one of our favorite stores for inspiration. Most items in this store are home-made items or vintage, which is why I'm always shocked when I look at the ridiculous price tags. Typically, we leave the store (which I will refuse to name since I don't believe in throwing places "under the bus" unless they are unethical) and say, "We could make ______," but never do. I was tired of talking about fabulous projects and after checking out a couple of the store's lamps and chandeliers, I decided we should at least attempt one of these makeover projects. I knew exactly what I wanted to practice on-one of our lamps!
         This is a before picture of the base of one of our lamps. It's matching shade was a simple cream material. I found myself looking at it everyday thinking of all the ways I could "spice" it up or make it look more appealing.
       Taking inspiration from the store, I decided to paper mache the base of the lamp using an old paperback book. My husband and I found all sorts of inspiration flipping through the book, Playing With Books (Where to buy...), and I realized with the abundance of books sitting on our shelves at home, we should start putting them to good use!
           For the lamp shade, we cut and wrapped burlap cloth. In the past, we have used Hobby Lobby for all of our burlap projects. However, a visit to the garden department of Home Depot revealed a cheaper option: burlap sacks. I washed and dried the sack first. There is an abundance of ways you could cover the shade with burlap (trust me, I'm still considering different options). For now, I'm going for the rustic look.
                  I set this lamp up in our smaller guest room on a vintage wood table. We often use this guest room for a reading room and I am now officially inspired to begin my next project for this room---so stay tuned!
   Remember: something fabulous with an equally fabulous price tag at the mall can most often times be recreated at home or found for a better price in an antique of thrift store. Shop around and don't be afraid to get crafty!                                                                                  

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