Friday, August 26, 2011

Weekend DIY: Backsplash Phase 1

I realize I am exactly a week late in updating everyone on last weekend's kitchen escapades. We have had something going on every day/night since last Friday when we began our first phase of ripping out and replacing our kitchen backsplash and this is my first chance to update you all on how we did last weekend.
   If you haven't been following our story, my husband and I have set a goal of having our kitchen renovated by Labor Day weekend (yep, NEXT weekend). My brother is getting married and we are hosting a lunch on Labor Day. We are now 6 days out from needing to be finished with the kitchen!!! YIKES!!! This project began with counter tops, a new sink, faucet and garbage disposal on weekend one. Only one section of the kitchen is left- it needs countertops and backplash. In addition to needing to finish countertops and backsplash for that section, we also need to touch up with paint, and other tile-y things.
   It's been a whirlwind trying to finish this kitchen and definitely an exhausting experience. Last Friday night my husband and I started ripping the old nasty tile off the walls. He decided to begin tiling that night with the new white, subway tiles we had purchased, and kept working until 3:00 AM on Saturday!! However, I am so proud/blessed to have a husband that is able to do all of these projects since it is literally saving us THOUSANDS of dollars!!!
    I think the pictures will really speak for themselves, take a look at where we are at as of this weekend:
First glance at the white subway tile with black grout. My husband wasn't sure about the black grout at first, but it had been in my vision since day one. He told me after the fact that he thought it made the kitchen. 

Another after shot of the subway tile.

The black grout--I have to admit, I nearly had a panic attack when I walked into the kitchen and saw the walls looking like this! 

The subway tiles freshly hung, without the black grout. 

Nothing like having a saw parked in the kitchen for the weekend.

Backsplash around the stove area.

Hanging the subway tiles.

This tile is very special to me- it's the very first tile hung. I had a huge vision for our kitchen when we purchased our home and seeing this tile hung was all part of the dream coming true!

Scary looking walls behind our stove!

Yes, someone hung tile all around the window and on the ceiling. This area was a treat! 

So grateful that someone hung the tiles ON TOP OF WALLPAPER--it made taking the old tiles down a BREEZE and didn't destroy the walls!

Delicious looking floral wallpaper and its glue.

From the time we moved in, this was my husbands least favorite part of the kitchen. The tile job was HORRIFIC around this window and he constantly talked about wanting to rip these tiles out!

This spot is going to be fun this weekend---tile was laid over the door way! 

Another exciting spot to work on this upcoming weekend!
What do you guys think? It's come so far from it's mint green/white cabinet/white countertop days! I really wish that I had taken more before pictures of our kitchen when we moved in! Six days and counting, can't wait to share with you all where we are at by the time the family arrives for the wedding next week! Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. pretty much can't wait to see your house. you've made SO many amazing changes this summer. nice work cam and ash!

  2. Nice job! I see that everything looks so white. It makes the room so bright. One advantage of it is you can cook and eat knowing that you are in a clean surrounding. However, if you like to make your room a little livelier, I suggest that you choose a light paint for those cabinets. Maybe light brown or light blue. Paint can help a lot in the development of your kitchen. Keep us updated!

    Helene Raymond @Trade Squad