Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Fall Burlap Banner: Because I refuse to be defeated by a roll of burlap

Although I continue to write about the woes of working with burlap, I'm too competitive to give up working with it. I absolutely refuse to be "owned" by a material.
  I attempted make a "Fall" burlap banner for my kitchen window. After a frustrating hour of cutting/fraying/glue/glitter/hanging, I decided I'm officially on the hunt for a better burlap. It seems my problem might be that I'm simply using the wrong type of burlap. Either way, a fall banner has been made and I'm not too terribly ashamed of it. I used old book pages to cut out the word "fall" and then outlined the word in Martha Stewart's coppery/orange glitter.
  Here's the result:

      I'm keeping my eyes out for a better, less frustrating burlap so that I can get started on a Thanksgiving/Christmas banner. It certainly seems to be the thing right now-as all the antique stores and boutiques I've been in have these hanging all over....clearly, there has to be a more user-friendly burlap.
  Friends, I'm happy to report that FALL (in the weather sense) is finally hitting this desert girl's city. When I drove to work today it was 65 degrees- brrrr! I absolutely love it! Now, if I could just get a side of rain so I could bust out my Hunter rain boots!
  Happy FALL everyone!

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