Sunday, October 2, 2011

Pumpkin Trees: Or Shall I Say Ornamental Eggplants?

A couple of weeks ago I mentioned that I had found pumpkin trees at our local Trader Joe's. (This should tell you how busy I've been, when I'm going weeks in between updates....sigh...I just asked my husband the other day if life would ever slow down) Anyways, after discovering pumpkin trees and not buying them my first time around, I had to travel to several Trader Joe's before finding them again (apparently they sell out fast).
  I absolutely love how fun these little pumpkins are, but my husband-being the researcher that he is- discovered that they are really not "pumpkin trees," but ornamental eggplant.

      I decided to try placing some inside and outside. Our cashier at Trader Joe's shared with us that TJ's has been carrying the "pumpkin trees" for 12 years and that she has been unsuccessful at keeping them alive for longer than a week. I'm hoping that they last until Halloween atleast, but we will see! When my husband read up on the "pumpkin trees", he also discovered that they can be dried out as well.
     If you have a Trader Joe's near you, or perhaps a market or nursery that carries these, give 'em a try! I think they make a fabulous centerpiece and are a great talking piece.
  Hope you guys have all had a fabulous fall weekend! I'm excited to say that the husband and I found some fabulous estate sales this weekend and scored on some pretty sweet pieces! Some days it pays to have a lab pup that wakes us up way too early in the morning!!


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