Monday, October 10, 2011

Taking Back Life: Day 1

Well,  day one of my fall break and my attempt at taking back life was partially a success. (For those of you that didn't catch yesterday's blog--don't worry, this blog is still about our old "green" house, I'm just taking a week off for fall break!) Just yesterday I said that I was giving up being a slave to my Blackberry. Funny thing, since my blackberry broke, today I made a trip to the Verizon store and walked out with an iPhone (Thanks, mom for letting me snag your sweet parents are constantly being robbed of their upgrades thanks to my brother and me). So, instead of being a slave to my Blackberry today, I was a whole new kind of slave to an iPhone. This girl spent almost 3.5 hours at the Apple store upgrading my computer's software so that I could sync my phone to it. Sigh. I can never win with technology.
  So, in regards to technology, I lost today's battle. However, for those of you that have heard me joking about it for weeks, I did spend an entire day in yoga pants. 
  Day one coming to an end, and I can honestly say that I feel like I reclaimed time and was able to appreciate the day (and the Apple store as well as its friendly employees). 
  - I managed to sit on the patio, lab-pup in tow, at one of my favorite coffee shops and just BE. This was slightly difficult for me at first as I am absolutely terrible at sitting still and doing nothing. Oh, and the weather was very much FALL weather. 
 - I had a fabulous lunch with my parents before they head off for Ireland! 
 - Myself and the Apple genius team had a lovely conversation and laughs about how "outdated" I am in the technology world. 
 - My friend that is watching our neighbor's home invited me over to check out the chicken coop and pick up some fresh eggs! Once you go fresh, it's so hard to buy a dozen eggs from the market!! 
- Ended the evening with a lovely dinner and glass of wine on the patio with my love. 

 I'd like to say that I reclaimed several hours today and that day one was an absolute success. Day 2 and all that's in store- I can't wait! 

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